Sea can

Discover innovative ideas to repurpose sea cans and transform your space. From storage solutions to unique living spaces, explore how sea cans can add style and functionality to your home or business.
DIY cottage style sea foam sea glass bottles - The EASIEST way to get the sea glass look!! Great for farmhouse style or cottage style decor in any room! Mason Jars, Upcycling, Sea Glass, Glass Bottles, Spray, Jar, Bottle Art, Pots, Beach Decor

I discovered a cool trick this week & I had to come here on the blog & share it with you guys. It was kind of a super random product that I tried out that I was actually shocked that worked. I was on Amazon one night browsing & I came across & HAD to give it a try. I thought it would probably end up in the garage somewhere & filed under 'things that don't work' or under 'things Liz can't do'. You see there are a ton of products I try or projects that fail that I never

Plastic in the sea Upcycling, Plastic In The Sea, Plastic Waste, Garbage In The Ocean, Plastic Pollution, Plastic Beach, Water Pollution, Ocean Pollution, Beach Pollution

I have been aware for a long time the issue with plastic pollution in our oceans but recently I've discovered just how much of an issue it is and how it is devastating for the creatures in our oceans as well. By being mindful about what we buy and do, we can prevent this issue from escalating further.

Rosa Helena Guarilha