Seed storage

Keep your seeds organized and protected with these creative seed storage ideas. Find the perfect solution to ensure your seeds stay fresh and ready for planting.
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Every year when my new seed catalogs start arriving, typically sometime in January, I begin browsing them and circling all of the new seed varieties I’d like to order. But with so many new and interesting choices, I can get a little too enthusiastic. I have to remind myself that I already have a whole

Stephanie Moriarty
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If you’ve ever found it challenging to get a variety of seeds to sprout, wondered if your old seeds were still good, or simply lacked space on your windowsill, @hayleys_lottie_haven has got you...

Kimberly Kennell
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DIY Garden Seed Organizer for Garden Seed Packet Storage - Organizing garden seeds is one of the best ways to go about storing seeds for next year. And storing seed packets in a DIY seed organizer is one of the most efficient ways to sort through and see what kind of seeds you already have on hand before buying more. seed organization ideas | seed organizer ideas | diy gardening ideas

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