Sensory processing disorder

Learn more about sensory processing disorder, its symptoms, and effective treatments. Discover strategies to help individuals with sensory processing disorder thrive and lead fulfilling lives.
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33 Signs of Sensory Processing Disorder

Learn the important symptoms and signs of sensory processing disorder in toddlers and children from an occupational therapist, and how to get a diagnosis and treatment options for SPD.

Ronda Glynn
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Symptoms of SPD: When to Worry about Sensory Issues

Do you get a sinking feeling in your stomach, a gut instinct deep down that tells you something isn’t quite right with your child’s behavior? There have been little clues and symptoms that there might be a sensory issue at play but you’re just not sure what to do with your suspicions. Scroll to the bottom for a VIDEO [...]

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How to Calm a Child in a Sensory Meltdown, and 3 Signs it’s Not a Tantrum

Knowing if your child is having a sensory meltdown or a tantrum can help you understand how to help them using sensory activities. Learn sensory meltdown symptoms and how to help kids who are dysregulated and having a meltdown vs. a behavioral tantrum. Helpful for kids with Autism, SPD, and ADHD

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