Sentence writing anchor chart

Enhance your writing skills with these creative sentence writing anchor chart ideas. Learn how to structure sentences and improve your writing flow with these helpful visual aids.
This is a great chart to use during writing instruction. It maps out the important things that all writing needs to have in a clear and concise manner (it could use a little color though!). This chart could help save the teacher from having to verbally remind students or mark on homework when grading for written work. Maggie Gomberg. Anchor Charts, Pre K, English, Kindergarten Anchor Charts, 2nd Grade Writing, First Grade Writing, 1st Grade Writing, Teaching Reading, Second Grade Writing

This week Em let me link up with Doodle Bugs for the weekly Five for Friday! :) So... here it goes....... I hope I don't disappoint. My oldest was off school today and her aunt came to pick her up to spend the weekend at her house. :) This is the note my middle wrote to her. So sweet. I LOVE those tears. :) I think this could be the first time you are seeing my girls names. Well... now you know. :) This week we started preparing to write our next writing piece. It's going to be an…

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