Shopping mall site plan

Explore creative and innovative site plan ideas for shopping malls. Design a layout that maximizes foot traffic, enhances the shopping experience, and attracts more customers to your mall.
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A Shopping Mall is a cluster of commercial spaces combined together to form one big commercial complex that comprises features like entertainment, an arcade, shopping, etc. The Shopping Mall rendering with beautiful landscaping and proper management of the road circulation is shown in the images below. In the first image, you will get an idea of the basement with all the required details for parking. In the 2nd image, you will get details about the ground floor of the shopping mall which…

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Shopping mall plan, elevation, and section architectural drawings with all necessary details also different side views. Shopping Mall plans and views details free download. Basement plan Ground Floor Plan First Floor Views Sections

Gideon Bennet
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We designed a six story street system weaves indoors and out between three adjacent buildings where visitors ascend through an 8th story water body into an outdoor garden. The garden itself is topped with four stories of restaurants all arrayed along a helical ramp that includes outdoor terraces to enjoy Bangkok's complex skyline.