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Looking for a great lesson plan on helping kids manage anger? These anger social story templates are perfect for any classroom and grade level! There are empty templates for you to add your own written story as well. Directing kids to appropriate behavior in social situations can be hard.

Mrs Berry
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Are you needing a better way to help some of your students learn and grasp behavior expectations and classroom rules? Well, have you tried using a social story? Social stories leverage the art of storytelling to create a connection between the material and the students. By weaving the rules into a narrative, you can make ... Read More about Teaching Behavior and Classroom Rules with a Social Story

Corissa Vanderstelt
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As parents and teachers, we all want the best for our children and students. One of the key aspects of a child’s development is their ability to behave appropriately and interact with others in a positive way. But what if your child or student struggles with social skills? One effective method for teaching appropriate behavior ... Read More about Teaching Appropriate Behavior with Social Stories: Tips and Strategies

Lauren Pickett

It is NOT a secret that I am truly passionate about social stories. This passion comes from years of seeing the benefits a well written and relatable social story can have on a child. I have found success in them with not only my students, but my OWN children. Social stories are my go-to when ... Read More about Power of Social Stories: Why I Believe in Social Stories

Cindy Knight
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Teaching children how to play nicely with others is a common social skill that needs to be frequently addressed. As educators we will say things like, “be kind” or “treat others the way you want to be treated”, however we need to explicitly teach these skills. We cannot expect for children to know these social ... Read More about Social Story: Playing Nicely

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