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Immerse yourself in the ultimate audio experience with Sonus Faber speakers. Discover the exquisite craftsmanship and unparalleled sound quality that will elevate your music listening to a whole new level.
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Sonus faber launched updated versions of the Homage Tradition line’s Amati and Guarneri loudspeakers and added the new Serafino, at an all-day event at the six-story World of McIntosh townhouse in lower Manhattan. Another updated speaker, the center channel Vox was listed in the brochure but not shown during the day-long roll out.

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As a compact standmount, the Lumina I measures 280 x 148 x 213mm (HxWxD). It’s a two-way driver configuration with a 29mm DAD (Damped Apex Dome) tweeter that uses the same silk diaphragm developed for the company’s Sonetto speaker series. This is partnered to a newly developed 120mm mid/bass driver that uses a cellulose cone material blended with other unspecified natural fibres.

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