Space colony

Explore innovative designs and concepts for creating a futuristic space colony. Discover how these ideas can revolutionize the future of human habitation in space.
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Inside Intergalactic Ship, designed for project pionauts by our Environment Artist Jonas Hassibi. ⁠ Art Director: Alec Palacios @bobatokes.eth⁠ ⁠ Creative Director: Finnian Macmanus @fmacmanus

Mark Vonderohe
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Impressive cover art of human colony on Mars with several domes and parks for "Welcome to Mars: Making a Home on the Red Planet" book for kids. It was written by Marianne J. Dyson and Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin (2nd on the Moon) and published in 2015 by National Geographic Children's Books.

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The Lunar Stalactite Colony is a Self-Sustained Habitat Research & Communications Station located beneath the Sinuous Rille. Encased withing a lava tube, the sub-surface station hangs atop the roof of the cave beneath a crater opening. The sub-surface station provides habitable environment with research and development facilities & leisure spaces.

UNI Architecture competition