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I have some parts left over from my Protector kitbash model, and as it turns out they are exact parts I need for my next kitbash, a "Star Trek" style Viper from Battlestar Galactica. So I have parts from this: In particular, the nacelles, which is what I need. Combine them with this: Which I still need to buy mind you. I can add the nacelles to the viper wings, modify the nose with a deflector dish (which I have). Change the red decals to blue, could just paint them on, put on the…

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Some homeworld inspired Star Wars concept fan art. I thought i'd give a next-gen EU ship a shot. S'jet class Medium Fighter Configuration D. Manufacturer Unknown Class Medium Starfighter Role Space Superiority / Light Bomber Length 15 meters Max acceleration 3800 G Max atmo. Speed 900 km/h Engine unit 1 Plasma Drive Hyperdrive rating 1.5 Nav system Pilgrim Type NavCom Shielding 4 medium particle-based generators Armament 4 long-range autoblasters 4 Pod hardpoints Crew Pilot (1)…

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