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Explore the future of space travel with these mind-blowing space ship concepts. Get inspired and envision a new era of interstellar exploration.
ArtStation - Battleship Apollo - Concept Art & Promotional Art Techno, Sci Fi, Starship Concept, Starship Design, Space Ship Concept Art, Sci Fi Spaceships, Robot Concept Art, Spaceship Concept, Sci Fi Ships

Promotional Artwork and in-game card illustrations done for the strategic space game Battleship Apollo. The illustrations were done during 2020-2021 and have been a very enjoyable collaboration with a great client that I've been working with for a long long time now. This game takes place in the same universe as my previous Hades Star Concepts which you can see here Art Director: John Kanaan

Joshua Roberts
ArtStation - Ship/space concept sketches -- July, Stanislav Verbitsky Concept Art, Techno, Steampunk, Retro, Spaceships, Concept Ships, Space, Starship Concept, Futuristic Art

This past July, as an attempt to get better at concepting and at committing to actually finishing stuff, I challenged myself to do daily ship/space concept sketches each day! It was massively intense and hard, and though there was days where I definitely wasn't feeling it, I am mostly pretty happy with the results. All made in blender (except a couple in fusion), and rendered with octane. Heavy reliance on kitbashing (just stuff I already had lying around, I try not to use specific kitbash…

Noot Pietje