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317 years after human kind's extinction, the OUREA reaches her final destination, the planet Aion. Loaded with the genetic samples and the memory of a billion people and the equipment to build a new world. Theia the artificial intelligence has the task to rebuild human society... My design goal was, to keep the Spaceship as realistic as possible. Thanks a lot Arturas Jelesinas, for showing me your 3D Stereo!

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ArtStation - Rocket Racoon Warbird - Plan views 2d, Sci Fi, Sci Fi Ships, Robot Concept Art, Starship Concept, Space Ship Concept Art, Starship Design, Spacecraft, Spacecraft Design

These are the final orthographic views of Rocket Racoon Warbird (Guardians of the Galaxy). This hi-res images are the result of weeks of work during the preproduction of the film in 2013. These images are really challenging as many parts of them are made in 2D with no 3D support. The Warbird is a chunkier spaceship if we compare it with The Milano, less sleek. Also, it shows different markings and colour layout as it is part of the Ravager fleet. The purpose of these detailed images was to…

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Spaceship Concept Art, Teknologi Futuristik, Kerbal Space Program, Space Ships Concept, Space Ship Concept Art, Starship Concept, Starship Design, Spaceship Art, Spaceship Concept I had the luck to be involved in this awesome project the season 2 of Missions a TV show produced by OCS and work closely with Julien Lacombe the director, to design all the aerospace stuff and spaceships. My first concept for Missions S2, the Pegasus rocket of Meyer Corporation, offering you a straight flight to the space. Obviously inspired by this dear Elon.

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