Squat and ab challenge

Take on the squat and ab challenge to sculpt your core and build strength. Discover effective exercises and tips to achieve your fitness goals and transform your body.
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Are you looking for a 30 day ab and squat challenge for beginners that actually works? Well, this 30 day workout challenge is ideal if you need to get in shape fast or want to start working out consistently. Get started TODAY with this at home workout plan. Ab workout at home

Ali Cambra
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Okay, I knew when I started that I would want to incorporate fitness into my blog somehow. I have really struggled with my weight the last few years and a few weeks ago my mom and I decided to do Weight Watchers together! Now I even have some friends and family members doing it with me. I have lost 5 pounds so far and I am excited to see what happens the next few months! So I thought what better way then to have a day dedicated to fitness on my blog! I am no professional at all, but I love…

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