Starting seeds in plastic containers

Learn how to successfully start seeds in plastic containers for your garden. Discover the best techniques and get a head start on your gardening journey.
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The land of Oz, where temps this time of year vary big time. In the spring months, it could be 70 degrees one day and 32 degrees the next until Mother's Day, the last day on the Farmer's Almanac Calendar when the danger of frost has passed.

Rosanne Bartush Rule

!. Overwatering. My kids recently experienced this one. They get so excited for starting their seeds and want to take the best care of them. It’s kind of like smothering a pet, you love it so much it hurts the pet. Don’t do that with your seeds. Wait until the soil is beginning to feel almost dry to water. And I mean almost dry, not completely dry. There should still be a bit of moisture in the soil. Your little seedling babies will be ok, I promise.

Sarah Griffin