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Discover proven methods to strengthen your hair and improve its health. Achieve luscious locks with these top ideas for hair strength and vitality.
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Do you ever look at someone with long, flowing, shiny locks and wonder how they got their hair to grow so much? For many people, getting their hair to grow long can feel impossible. The average rate of hair growth is only about 1⁄2 inch per month, so it can take years to go from

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Before we look at how to strengthen hair follicles naturally, let’s first understand what exactly hair follicles are and what their purpose is in promoting healthy and strong hair. Simply put, hair follicles, also known as hair roots, are tiny sacs found in the second layer of the skin (called the dermis) which produce hair. …

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Rice Water a lot of vitamins, minerals, and ceramides to brighten the skin and helps to grow your hair faster. Rice water deep cleans the skin and also removes impurities leaving your skin soft and supple. It strengthens the roots, balances the scalp’s pH, Fights dandruff, nourishes hair follicles, and boosts hair growth. Clear skin …

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