Succulent Terrarium

Bring the beauty of succulents into your home with a captivating terrarium. Discover top ideas to design and care for your own succulent terrarium, adding a touch of nature to any space.
My succulents are growing well, so I needed to group some together in TWO aquariums that I have made into terrariums. These grow so well, just don't overwater. #aquarium #terrarium #convertaquariumtoterrarium #succulents Succulent Terrarium Ideas Diy, Fish Tank Terrarium Succulents, Succulent Aquarium Garden, Succulent Terrarium Fish Tank, Terrarium In Aquarium Tank, Terrarium In Fish Tank, Terrarium Ideas Fish Tank, Plant Terrarium Diy Fish Tanks, Aquarium Planter Ideas

I'm Planting My Succulent Aquarium Terrarium

My succulents have grown so large that I need to plant my Succulent Aquarium Terrarium...maybe two! You may have seen in a few fleeting scans of my plant room that I have some large round

Marci Vandermeer

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