Summer boho bridesmaid dresses

Get inspired by these trendy boho bridesmaid dresses that are perfect for a stylish summer wedding. Find the perfect dress to complement your bohemian theme and make your bridesmaids feel beautiful.
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Unique Bouquet Alternatives — Ivory & Beau

Let’s face it…..a traditional wedding isn’t for everyone. Flowers are one of the most traditional (and expensive) aspects of any wedding. Why? Because they’re beautiful and create the overall look of your wedding, symbolizing the bloom of a new beginning. However, they may not be every bride’s cup

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10 Bohemian Bridesmaid Dresses - loose silhouettes and airy fabrics for any body type

With earthy colors, and airy fabrics the bohemian style fits any body type. Here are stunning boho chic bridesmaids dresses you're going to love

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Bridesmaid Dresses | Wedding Trends 2023 | Wedding Dresses

Myrtle Beach SC Wedding and Event Venue, White Oaks, offers breathtaking scenery and an elegant atmosphere for unforgettable celebrations. Discover why White Oaks is the best Myrtle Beach wedding venue.

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Colorful Summer Wedding with Pastel Wedding Decor | Bridal Party Style | California Photographer

Wedding photographer Cambria Shelley Photography captures love in the most beautiful ways. Her images are felt through every wedding

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17 Mismatched Bridesmaid Color Palette Combos & How to Pull them Off

When it comes to bridesmaid dresses, there's a reason why bridesmaids have historically dreaded the bride's dress choice. It's extremely hard to find ONE dress that all your bridesmaids will love/will flatter their body type. That's why I'm so glad the trend has shifted and the days of requiring bridesmaids to wear the exact same dress is long gone. I specifically love the Mix & Match/Mismatched dress trend, which allows bridesmaids to have different colors, but still coordinated dresses. It…

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