Sun homeschool activities

Make the most of sunny days with these fun and educational homeschool activities. Engage your child's curiosity and keep their learning journey going outside the traditional classroom.
Counting Sun Rays - Preschool Activity - This idea could also be turned into a NIM game to be played with older siblings. Place a certain number of sun rays around the circle (Cuisenaire Rods with a yellow pattern block in the middle) Take turns removing one or two rays. The person who has to pick up the last ray is the loser. Montessori, Preschool Weather, Weather Activities Preschool, Weather Crafts, Light And Dark Activities For Toddlers, Preschool Fun, Preschool Activity, Insect Control, Preschool Activities

We counted Mr. Golden Sun's rays as part of our Space-Theme this week! Supplies: Craft Foam (or construction paper) - orange & yellow Scissors Here's what you do: Cut out a circle and 10 rays (or more-depending on how high you want your child to practice counting). Place the circle down and have your child put the rays around it, counting them as they go. You could also use this to practice adding or subtracting.

Evelyn Saenz