Enhance your garden with beautiful sundials that add a touch of elegance and functionality. Explore a variety of unique designs to create a tranquil outdoor space.
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How does a sundial work?

In this post, we take a look at an ancient gadget that helped us read the time when mechanical clocks hadn't been invented yet. Since I'm planning to make one such sundial myself, it seemed just the right time to write this post and find out how this sundial works and how to make it properly. In an earlier post "Atomic wall clock" we could read, that in the heart of every clock we can find a device that oscillates at a certain frequency. This device, which oscillates at a certain frequency…

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BestNest Rome Grow Old with Me Sundial and Baluster Pedestal

Includes the Rome Brass Grow Old With Me Sundial & Cast Iron Baluster Pedestal. The sundial features a raised claddagh at the base, a Celtic band around the face, and Roman numerals on the exterior rim for timekeeping. The pedestal elevates the dial 20” & has a soft verdigris finish, matching the sundial. Items feature durable brass and cast iron construction.

Arman Medav

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