Super soldier

Discover the secrets of becoming a super soldier and unlock your full potential. Get ready to transform your body, enhance your skills, and embrace the hero within you.
ArtStation - Super Soldier: Fast Iteration Concept, Tom Newbury Science Fiction, Dark Fantasy, Sci Fi, Sci-fi Armor, Sci, Armor, Robot, Soldier, Power

I have been wanting to design a workflow which gets me the best final result, with the least amount of time. This piece is the result of that exploration. I started with a quick 2 hour sculpt, then spent a lot of time designing reusable procedural shaders. And then did a quick 2 hour light and comp at the end. The idea is to now test this on a new piece where theoretically I can just assign the shaders, setup some lights and with some minor comp tweaks I have a solid result. Find out more on…

Breno da Conceicao Barbosa