Swedish bread

Explore a variety of mouthwatering Swedish bread recipes and bring a taste of Sweden to your kitchen. From traditional rye bread to sweet cinnamon rolls, discover the flavors of Swedish baking today.
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The wonderful aroma of this Cardamom Bread as it bakes immediately transports me to a cozy Scandinavian kitchen. Add some brewing coffee to the mix and your house will smell unbelievable. I really wish I could bottle it up. Cardamom is not a commonly used spice here in the United States but it is prevalent in Indian cooking and Scandinavian baking. This Cardamom Bread is made with a lightly sweetened dough containing eggs, milk and butter and I find the texture of it reminiscent of Challah…

Raven Nightshade
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Sweden is a Scandinavian country with Stockholm as capital. Swedish Cuisine is quite an interesting cuisine of Europe.A typical Swedish breakfast consists of a hard cheese, cold-cut, sausage or marmalade sandwich. The beverage is coffee, hot chocolate or tea and milk or juice. Some prefer porridge, others various breakfast cereals with yoghurt or filmjölk, processed sour milk.There are many different kinds of bread, from different rye breads and crispbreads to French rolls and toast. Swdeish…

Marsha Emerson