Swedish cardamom buns recipe

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One of the things that we’d wished we would have been able to bring back with us from Sweden was a basket of freshly baked Kardamummbular, the cardamom buns we’d fallen in love with during our stay. But as it turns out, we may have been gifted a better alternative: Aron’s mother, Christine, kindly did some […]

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Ah, Semla. Where to begin? Firstly, I wish you came into my life earlier. So many years I’ve wasted without your Cardamom goodness. Secondly, why aren’t you in my life right now?! Why have I eaten you all? Why isn’t there a Swedish bakery down the road from my house, wafting that delicious freshly baked … Semlor: Swedish Almond-Cream Filled Cardamom Buns Read More »

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If you’re not sure what green-podded cardamom tastes like, there’s no better way to find out than by tasting a Swedish kardemummabulle, a sweet bun perfumed with the southern Indian spice. The best place to try it would be at Fabrique, a Stockholm bakery that has opened a location in New York. Here, the knotted pastry is at its buttery finest, imbued with the piney warmth of the spice. The second-best place to try it would be at home, in your own kitchen, where, with a few adjustments, you…

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