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Discover innovative and engaging strategies to teach Latin effectively. Enhance your Latin lessons and captivate your students with these top ideas.
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You’ve gotten the hang of this homeschooling thing…and then, you enter the high school years. One of the changes is the addition of foreign language. About half of families begin foreign language in the elementary years, while the other half wait until high school. If you’re trying to decide which language to select, may I make the case for Latin? Reasons to Teach Latin English Vocabulary About 60% of English words derive from Latin, and more than 90% of multi-syllabic English words have a…

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Would you like to learn a little more about Latin verb endings? Need a few tips on how to apply these endings with real Latin words? You have come to the right place! When we conjugate a verb, we always say them in the pronoun order (learned in our English grammar memory work for CycleRead More

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There is really no better substitute for learning Latin declensions and conjugations than copying the forms over and over. Learning hard things can be tedious work! Anything that is tedious, I believe, needs to be jazzed up a bit with some fun colored pens, and it can become a game. This year I'm helping my…

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