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Discover a collection of therapy quotes that will inspire and uplift your spirit. Find the perfect words to motivate and encourage yourself on your journey towards healing and self-improvement.
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PTSD is a new diagnosis that i have been figuring out myself. They say that the first step to overcoming any obstacle is admitting the problem. Truthfully, I never knew a problem existed. It wasn't until just this last year when I started going to therapy on a regular basis. After several, I mean several

I want to help people get better so that they don't have to suffer the way I suffered I want to be a therapist who can empathize, not only because I've been trained to practice empathy, but because I have been there myself and made it through. Motivation, Nice, Mental Health, Therapist Quotes, Therapy Quotes, Mental Health Therapy, Therapy Counseling, Drained Quotes, Therapist

Therapy is for everyone—even therapists. And perhaps, being an effective therapist can stem from personal experience and recognizing that you need and want support, too. Margo, a therapist in training, writes about this and more at

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