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Explore the world of tiny boats and discover compact and cozy options for your next adventure on the water. Find inspiration to make the most of your small vessel and embark on unforgettable journeys.
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Yesterday, I went to the lake for about 5 hours or so and just cruised around and swam for awhile. It was so great to just hang out in the water for the day! You can't beat it! Most of the time I just went to the middle of the lake and turned the motor off and floated around. It was 105 degrees F but didn't feel like it while in the water, but I sure felt it as soon as we went back to the boat ramp!! Crazy Heat!!

Ken Dees
At the launch ramp, Elkins sets the 12-volt deep-cycle battery behind the angled panel that serves as a backrest. The trolling motor’s shaft has been shortened and its controls moved to the dash panel forward of the wheel. #smallboats #electricboat #boatbuilding #microboat #woodenboats #boats #DIY #DIYboats Pedal Boat, Electric Boat, Trolling Motor, Boat Kits, Plywood Boat Plans, Plywood Boat, Wooden Boat Plans, Diy Boat, Wood Boat Building

If you tend to take yourself too seriously, here’s a boat that can fix that. Paul Elkins’s Little Miss Sally is an electric micro-boat for which whimsy is as essential to its operation as its 12-volt battery. I first saw the boat on a YouTube video. In it, Paul slides her out of the back of his pick-up truck. A man with a horseshoe...

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