Tree tent camping

Escape to the great outdoors with tree tent camping. Discover unique and breathtaking locations where you can sleep among the trees and wake up to stunning views.
You Can Experience Camping Like Never Before With These Tear-Shaped Tents | Bored Panda Glamping, Outdoor, Architecture, Bangkok, Ideas, Camping, Tent Camping, Inspiration, Cool Tents

While this summer is A LOT different from any other, people have been trying to make the best with what they've got. Many have been looking for nice local places they could visit and entertaining activities they could engage in while still practising social distancing and keeping themselves safe. For instance, some people from Belgium have been spending their holiday camping in socially distant raindrop-shaped tents that are hanging from trees!

Angel Winchester
The AERIAL hammock tent lets you take your comfortable camping experience to a ‘higher level’! | Yanko Design Camping Gear, Outdoor, Ideas, Outdoor Camping, Tent Camping, Camping, Aerial Hammock, Hammock Tent, Portable Shelter The AERIAL A1 is a fusion of the best aspects of three separate products. It combines the safety and sheltering of a tent, with the comfort and carefree nature of a hammock and the tautness/springy-ness of slacklines. Designed by industrial designers with a true passion for the outdoors, the AERIAL A1 quite literally elevates

Maerik Lefkowitz