Trolls birthday

Celebrate your child's special day with a Trolls-themed birthday party. Explore fun and creative ideas to create a magical and colorful celebration that your child will never forget.
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My daughter was absolutely obsessed with the Trolls movie for months so I decided to throw her a surprise Trolls-themed birthday. I wanted the decorations to be very colorful and bright since she also loves rainbows I decided to go for a rainbow streamer backdrop. If there is any questions please,

These Trolls hair headbands are SO CUTE and so easy to make! What a great idea for a Trolls birthday party! Trolls Birthday Party Table Set Up, Trolls Fruit Tray, Poppy Headband Trolls Diy, Trolls Adult Costume, Poppy Hair Trolls Diy, Trolls Float Parade, Trolls Disco Party, Trolls Classroom Door Ideas, Girls Trolls Birthday Party

With just a headband and some tulle, you can make your own Trolls hair headbands. And before you know it, your little Poppy or Branch will be singing “Hair Up!” Find out how in this simple guide!This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here.Supplies • Headbands – at least 1 inch wide • Tulle – various colors. The stiffer, the better. (Just a heads-up: If you purchase tulle with glitter, it will get everywhere when making these! I learned this the hard way

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We’re loving the Trolls movie and came up with a fun party snack mix that my daughter helped make. I think Poppy would love the bright pink colors and rainbows! Plus, there are tiny gummy worms and fruity marshmallows, too. This mix would make a really fun snack at a Trolls party or packaged up […]

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Make your Trolls party table pop with personality and add these DIY Trolls Flower Pots as the centerpieces! Create this budget friendly paper décor that comes together easily with the help of a bas…

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