Unique christmas card photo ideas

Capture the spirit of the season with creative and unique Christmas card photo ideas. From fun and festive poses to personalized themes, discover inspiring ideas for your holiday greetings.
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Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a lovely weekend. We are starting the week off with Lex + Loren’s sweet wedding sent over from photographer Ben Christensen. Lex + Loren met at one of Loren’s shows in 2006. I love this story Lex shared with me, “We fell in love on the phone while we...

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The ultimate list of Christmas cards ideas for your next Christmas card! These adorable family Christmas card scenes will make you smile!

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Merry Christmas from Ryan and me! This year we sent out Christmas cards to our close friends and family for the first time. It was so fun to make them and they turned out great! We used a template on Minted and I tweaked it a bunch to work for us. We were inspired to do a card like this by our friends Tiffani and Thomas who write at Tastebud Travels. We always loved receiving their Christmas cards because it really gives a glimpse into their year as a couple! My family and I just got back…

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Remember the good old days when family Christmas photos meant throwing on matching polyester sweaters, feathering your hair and a quick trip down to the local Olan Mills? Gone are the days of studio portraits, but if you go the route of some of these hilarious families, you don't have to bid adieu to feathered hair and hideous '80s sweathers. Whether you want your family to look straight out of a classic holiday movie or are in the mood for something silly, we've got plenty of inspiration…

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