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Enhance your audio quality with a valve amplifier. Discover top ideas to take your music listening to the next level and immerse yourself in rich, warm tones.
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More than a decade since the original publication by audioXpress, many readers still actively search for information and share the schematics of this OTL tube project. Tim Mellow's design explores a different output stage using a novel combination of local feedback and current drive in order to achieve good symmetry and cancellation of even harmonics. This article was originally published in audioXpress, February 2010.

Pepi Cooper
Vanderveen-Trans-SE10 All-Valve Amplifier Kit Now Available! | audioXpress Integrated Amplifier, Valve Amplifier, Stereo Amp, Audio Equipment, Voltage Regulator, Audio System, Electronics Circuit, Tube Amplifier, High End Audio

High-end audio adepts do not only like music. Many of them also like to construct their own tube amplifier. For those, Menno van der Veen (electronic design) and Guido Tent (mechanical design and realization) created their newest Valve Amplifier kit: the Vanderveen-Trans-SE10. All parts of the case, the components and the transformers are of the highest quality. The DIYer only has to combine all these fine components into a great amplifier.

Peter Weingart
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Martin Young of IMS Electronics has launched a hybrid tube amp on Kickstarter that's undoubtedly something of a looker. But the Desktop Valve Amplifier – housed in an enclosure machined from a single block of aluminum, with a viewing window up top – is promised to deliver top notch sonics, too.