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Enter the world of vampires, love, and suspense with The Vampire Diaries. Discover the captivating storylines, intriguing characters, and thrilling adventures that will keep you hooked from start to finish.
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⛧☾༺♰༻☽⛧ Reveriscere: Latin -To be reborn; Rebirth Or The story about a set of twins that are the future of Olympus ⛧☾༺♰༻☽⛧ Elena Gilbert x Damon Salvatore x Stefan Salvatore x Klaus Mikaelson x Hayley Marshall x Elijah Mikaelson Jeremy Gilbert x Anna Zhu x Rebekah Mikaelson x Tyler Lockwood x Vicki Donovan x Kai Parker Bonnie Bennett x Caroline Forbes x Enzo St. John x Davina Claire x Kol Mikaelson Jenna Sommers x Alaric Saltzman x Mason Lockwood x Finn Mikaelson #7 in Vicki Donovan 9/7/23…