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Immerse yourself in the world of Vikings with our collection of authentic Viking clothing. From tunics to accessories, explore top ideas to create a distinctive and captivating Viking-inspired wardrobe.
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100% Cotton Drawstring closure HIGHT-QUALITY COTTON FABRIC: you must not miss such a linen shirts .100%cotton, Good hygroscopicity, excellent moisture conductivity, excellent temperature regulation and anti-allergy performance, no harmful substances to human body, breathable and lightweight. DEEP V-NECK DRAWSTRING SHIRTS &STRAP DRAWSTRING CUFFS:daily and special, recommended for you who want a less common and with bright unique design, or want to wear it on special occasions (not for a once…

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My new Dwarven Pouch inspiration by a reenactor VendelRus on deviantart here Sooo, I hate blogger right now. I spent 2 precious hours wasting time on the internet a few months ago, and had collected a whole bunch of links to deviant art of cool dwarven inspiration, plus some bonus eye-candy of guys in really impressive Knight Templar recreations. It's been sitting in my drafts folder for a month. And I thought, since I've been mostly doing carpet beetle stuff lately, I may as well edit it…

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Fur leggings, boot covers, medieval, viking, barbarian costume.  Made and sold by folkofthewood on etsy Steampunk, Costumes, Barbarian Costume, Viking Costume, Viking Clothing, Fantasy Clothing, Fantasy Costumes, Viking Cosplay, Fur Boots

Join the FOTW Realm and get an instant 10% off code! These fur leggings are a great accessory for many types of historical & fantasy costumes! Vikings, Dwarves & Warriors of all kinds...Made with the highest quality faux fur, hand selected to be as animal realistic as possible. Includes long leather laces, wrap around your legs and cross the laces back and forth for a secure and adjustable fit. You will receive a pair (2) leggings & leather laces. Adult one size fits…

She really resembles the description of Kaylee Cousland in the fic 'To Spar With A Sten' which you can read/download from :-)

She really resembles the description of Kaylee Cousland in the fic 'To Spar With A Sten' which you can read/download from :-)

Adam Aseraf