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Elevate your fashion game with our collection of unique vintage accessories. Find the perfect pieces to add a touch of nostalgia and individuality to your outfits.
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Moon Haircomb This Crescent Moon face Hair Comb makes a lovely hair accessory for beautiful hair styles. This haircomb is charming with elegant and amazing Flowers. It is great for special occasions like weddings, but can also be great for everyday wear ☻Link to More Hair Accessories: ☻Link to The ENTIRE SHOP…

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During the ‘40s, and WWII, gloves were rationed – women had to use precious ration coupons to get them, and so they became a somewhat frivolous accessory. Women worked a lot during the war, both in and outside of the home, and dress gloves were simply not practical. Cosplay, Fashion, Pin Up, Vintage, Sketches, Gloves Drawing, Style, Kunst, Moda

Can you imagine having to wear gloves every time you left the house? Even in the summer? While gloves are worn only for warmth these days, they were an absolute necessity up until the mid-twentieth century. Both of the World Wars contributed to the vintage glove’s demise, as well as the new, more independent lifestyle

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Prince Egon von Furstenberg vintage sunglasses Before Diane, there was Egon. Egon was a prince from Switzerland and he married Diane and thus made Diane Von Furstenburg a princess. An acclaimed fashion designer, he was a contemporary of Gianni Versace, and there were many similarities in both their frames. They are both since passed away and their original designs are rare and very sought after. You will find that we have the largest collection of Egon Von Furstenberg frames remaining on the…

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