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Explore a collection of stunning vintage needlework ideas to inspire your next project. Create unique and nostalgic pieces that showcase your creativity and love for the craft.
Beeton's book of needlework consisting of descriptions and instructions, illustrated by six hundred engravings Antique Books, Cross Stitch Patterns, Vintage Embroidery, Vintage Sewing, Tatting, Needle Book, Vintage Books, Vintage Needlework, Embroidery Book

Illus. (2 col.) incl. col. title-page and plate, and patterns (some folding) Rutt 5 Explore this and other items from our digitised collections on the...

Hints/Help on how to search & find in the Antique Pattern Library Quilting, Couture, Crewel Embroidery, Vintage Embroidery, Vintage Needlework, Embroidery Books, Embroidery Book, Crewel Embroidery Patterns, Embroidery Patterns Vintage

If you have a chance this weekend, you'll definitely want to take some time to browse through Antique Pattern Library. If you're not familiar with Antique Pattern Library, it's a real bonanza when it comes to needlework books in the public domain. The folks behind Antique Pattern Library do a

Erin Frutchey
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Old hand embroidery and needlework books mesmerize me. Vintage embroidery books appeal to me more than new embroidery books do. I love reading old needlework books – sometimes, because they crack me up, and sometimes, because they make me think. There is such a pleasure in thumbing through old books on hand embroidery – from ...

Margaret Maxwell