Wasabi style interior

Transform your space with unique and vibrant Wasabi style interior ideas. Discover how to incorporate this bold and energetic aesthetic into your home for a fresh and invigorating atmosphere.
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View the WABI-SABI Interior Design Mood Board and more designs by Kayla Jordan Bailey on Style Sourcebook. Products Include: Beechmont Rattan Pendant, Miles Ashwood Easy Lounge Chair, Natural

Danielle Domoraud Gbolou
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"I think it is necessary to internalize the spirit of wabi-sabi in order to carry out this project. It will be possible to do this with a minimalist approach without unnecessary details. Since I wanted to create a minimalist house, there were parts that I had difficulty designing. I took great care in the use of materials to reflect the wabi-sabi style in the best way possible. I avoided the use of unnecessary items."

Lydia xo