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Explore a collection of weird houses that defy conventional architecture. Get inspired by these extraordinary homes and unleash your creativity in designing your dream house.
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30 Houses In Melbourne That Appeared On This Architecture-Shaming Instagram Account

Not everything in Australia is "upside down". Sure, their Christmas is in the summer and they might have a BBQ to celebrate it, but in some ways, they're just like us Northern Hemisphere folks. Our fascination with bad architecture, for example, is equally obsessive.

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Delivering on the promise contained at the end of my last awesome houses post from exactly a month ago, here is a post full of AWESOME PINK HOUSES. Obviously, I want to live in ALL OF THEM. First off, here are some Victorian-style houses in nice pastel shades of pink with white trim. Pretty tasteful, no? Now for some pink houses with heart motifs going on! Somewhat less tasteful, lol. Here's a weird hobbit-y pink house! It's pretty cool. And lastly, here is a house that is not pink, but is…

Simony Agostini