Wind sculptures

Enhance the beauty of your outdoor space with captivating wind sculptures. Explore top ideas for incorporating these artistic pieces into your garden or patio for a mesmerizing display.
Hypnotic Wind powered Kinetic Sculptures by Anthony Howe sculpture kinetic :  I love how the art is a mixture of the technical but relies on natural ΠΩΛΗΣΕΙΣ ΕΠΙΧΕΙΡΗΣΕΩΝ ΔΩΡΕΑΝ ΑΓΓΕΛΙΕΣ ΠΩΛΗΣΗΣ ΕΠΙΧΕΙΡΗΣΗΣ BUSINESS FOR SALE FREE OF CHARGE PUBLICATIONelements, e.g. the wind. Very Okarian and just plain gorgeous. Yard Art, Kinetic Art, Kinetic Wind Art, Wind Sculptures, Wind Spinners, Wind Power, Wind Art, Wind, Sculpture Art

Kinetic sculptor Anthony Howe lives and works in a rural area in Eastsound, Washington surrounded by little more than trees, wind, and other natural elements that inspire his incredible kinetic sculptures. Howe works primarily with stainless steel which he welds to create carefully engineered objects powered by the slightest breeze. Watching the motion of each piece in the videos above is totally mesmerizing and it hardly seems possible that such an object could be constructed. More

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An installation of Lyman Whitaker wind art. Land Art, Kinetic Art, Natal, Wind Sculptures, Outdoor Sculpture, Kinetic Wind Art, Wind Garden, Wind Spinners, Steel Art

Built to generate joy, these Wind Sculptures are responsive to the slightest breeze, yet also designed to endure gale-force winds. Handmade in Utah by Lyman Whitaker, these kinetic sculptures are revered for their aesthetic sophistication, mechanical soundness, and high-quality craftsmanship.

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Amazing kinetic wind driven fish sculptures for your yard. Perfect in gardens, near ponds, along the river, wherever you want a fantastic kinetic fish that swims in the wind. Wonderful kinetic sculptures for your yard. Welcome to by Jeff Owen Artworks.


Wind Hooters for Your Yard: Its wintertime and the wind is blowing. Make these "Wind Hooters" instead of wind chimes to add errie sounds to your yard. You can turn them off at night by turning the slots away from the wind (if they bother your neighbors).

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