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Welcome back from Christmas break! If you're like me, you have snow days on the brain! So I'm ready to do some snowy lessons! This week, 5th grade will be trying out this piece of art, inspired by a great art teacher, Caitlyn Thompson. You can check out her IG account at @artwithcoacht! Here's how we're going to create ours! Day 1: Look at birch tree photos, and tape off our paper! Then, figure out where your ground will be, and start painting the sky! I added salt to the wet paint to create…

Cathy Poppell
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Thank goodness we live in an age where we can get inspiration from teachers all over the world! Most art teachers are alone in their building, so we do not have the opportunity to collaborate with our peers as much as the other teachers do. I'm so blessed to live in an age where an art teacher clear across the country or world is accessible in mere seconds! We can all share our great ideas, and not have to leave the comfort of our pj's if we don't want to! Anyway.... As I was scrolling…

Pulyaewa Olga
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I'm not an artist - so trust me - if I can make this painting, it has to be pretty easy! I HAD to try this art project just because it's fun. And cool. And sciency. (My browser is telling me that's not a real word... haha) This salt and watercolor snowflake art project actually teaches you something, and I LOVE that! I'll be the first person to raise my hand and admit, 'I can't draw or paint'. And trying to make me do either of those two things will make me want to hide my head in…

Taylor Chambers

Lesson Background: There are many winter fox art projects online such as this one I combined lots of ideas to create these foxes. This was a directed drawing lesson. Directed drawing (i.e. modelling step-by-step) elicits great discussions, exposing students to vocabulary they encounter in art and maths. Students are hearing and putting into action phrases such as “half way down the page”, “curved line”…

Carissa Brown
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After many watercolor projects behind us, I was looking for a quick project to do with my kids in a dry technique that would give reliable and bold results. We had not done any oil pastel projects in ages, so I though I'd start there. I discovered this amazing artist on youtube: Art Arena. He creates stunning, bright oil pastel landscapes using a blending technique, and incorporates silhouetted images with soft graphite for a powerful effect. This project is directly inspired by his 'Aurora…

Sherree Wilkinson
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Welcome! This blog post features a guided tutorial of how to create a monochromatic winter landscape painting. This activity helps artists to build skills using the elements of art: COLOR, SPACE & VALUE. A monochromatic color scheme shows variations of tints, tones and shades of one color. This composition can be done with a range of

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