Winter painting oil

Explore a collection of stunning winter oil paintings that will ignite your creativity. Get inspired to create your own masterpiece and capture the beauty of winter with these top ideas.

Stephen Lowe Art Gallery - Calgary, Alberta. We are a commercial art gallery representing professional artists creating original works in oil, acrylic, watercolor, encaustic, glass and metal.

Linda Brntt
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As with all shadows in the landscape, capturing accurate values for shadows in a snow scene can be challenging, especially when working from reference photos. Since there are additional reflective qualities that come into play when painting snow, important visual adjustments must be made in order to create a genuine sense of light and shadow. You may find it helpful to first complete the earlier lesson on Shadows, which pertains to shadows in a mostly green landscape, as it covers many basic…

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This is a really magical painting with wonderful light contrasting with the heavy shade in the trees. Its based on a popular Monet painting for the way the light works with the figures. These old masters they knew a thing or too about light so I'll live and learn. Crocus Piste to Les Gets in Portes Du Soleil. Oil on canvas 70cm x 50cm

Aysu Gül Şanlı