Witches kitchen

Create a magical and mystical atmosphere in your kitchen with these enchanting ideas for a witches kitchen. Discover potions, spells, and recipes that will make your cooking experience truly magical.
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Think you could be a kitchen witch? Also known as a cottage witch, or a hearth witch, these magickal mavens are people who work their craft in their kitchens at home. Witchcraft isn't all about the supernatural. If you want to change the world through magick then why not start with your home? Discover how...

Hannah T
What Crystals Should Be in the Kitchen? Crystals, Crystals For The Kitchen, Witch Spell, Crystals For Kitchen, Herbal Witch, Witches Crystals, Witch Essentials, Clear Quartz Crystal, Crystal Witch

Crystals for the kitchen is one of my favorite subjects. In all the years I have identified as a witch, and we’re talking like the third grade, I never knew there were different kinds of witches. I mean, sure, I knew from The Wizard of Oz that you had to decide if you were “a good witch, or a bad witch.” Which, of course, I learned years later was total crap. There are no good witches and bad witches. #Crystals

Sherry Newton-Cundiff