Wood stars

Add a touch of rustic charm to your home with these beautiful wood star decor ideas. Discover creative ways to incorporate wood stars into your interior design and create a warm and inviting atmosphere.
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How to Make a 24 Inch Wooden Star With a 2x4: This tutorial will show you how to make a 22 to 24" wooden star with a single 8 foot 1x4 or 2x4. Three years ago my wife decided she would like to have a wooden star hung above our fire place. I tried to find information on the web on how to make on…

Cliff Auvil
Perfect for your walls year round! You're going to love this rustic wooden star! Primitive Crafts, Natal, Paint Stick Crafts, Stars Diy, Star Wreath, It Friday, Farmhouse Crafts, Wood Stars, Rustic Crafts

You know what I love? I love DIY Christmas decor projects that serve more than one purpose :) Like this gorgeous Rustic Wooden Star. When I lived in Texas, stars were a normal, everyday decor staple. Especially a fabulous rustic styled star like this one! Even though I don't live in Texas anymore, my love

Sandy Rudy
Rustic Star Flag - RYOBI Nation Projects Star Flag, Hout Diy, American Flag Wood, Wood Crafting Tools, Wood Flag, Scrap Wood Projects, Pallet Crafts, Wood Pallet Projects, Barn Quilts

I had some leftover scraps, so I decided to knock out a quick little project today. The project took me about 35 mins from start to finish. First I cut a star pattern out of some particle board, then I started to cut my pieces out from furring strips to make out the flag. I then torched all of the pieces, then glued and nailed them into place. Once nailed into place, I then lightly torched the white pieces of flag, to tone down and give a more warm rustic look to it. I then cleared the piece…

Josh Easterling
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I have been wanting one of those really-cool-vintage looking-3D-stars for such a long time! But $25 is way too much for me to spend on one of them (I am such a cheap-o). I looked all over the internet (and when I say internet, what I really mean is Pinterest :-), and I could not find any instructions for a big star. There were tons of ideas on how to create the little teeny tiny ones, but I wanted a BIG one! I finally decided that I needed to get off my lazy bum and just figure out how to…

Sharon Phillips