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Explore a collection of stunning woodblock print ideas that will inspire your artistic side. Enhance your home decor or find a unique gift with these captivating prints.
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I’m putting this post together for my upcoming Woodblock Class at Zea Mays Printmaking (Feb. 23-24, 2013) but by all means read it if it interests you. In the post I’ll be showing a few possible ways to compose and prepare an image for woodblock with an emphasis on preparing simple images that can realistically be finished in two very short days using mokuhanga techniques. 1. The Traditional Keyblock Method (not good for a short workshop) The traditional method used by the ukiyo-e artists…

Debra Winograd
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Shinshou Fuji (Fresh Praise Mt. Fuji). Picture book of poems about Mt. Fuji by MAEDA Yugure. Mt. Fuji in autumn. Koshiro Onch was the leading Sosaku Hanga artist and art theorist . In 1939, he founded the First Thursday Society (Ichimokukai), which was crucial to the postwar revival of the sosaku hanga movement. The society held artist gatherings once a month in Onchi’s house. Members such as Gen Yamaguchi (1896–1976) and Junichiro Sekino (1914–1988) discussed subjects of prints. The…

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