Wool applique patterns

Explore a collection of beautiful wool applique patterns to inspire your next crafting project. Create stunning designs with our top ideas and start stitching today.
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Must-Know Stitches for Felt Appliqué — Beth Colletti Art & Design

When it comes to the art of appliqué, beginning with felt is a great way to learn and practice. Appliqué is simply attaching a small piece of fabric to a larger piece of fabric, usually to create a decorative bit of fiber art. Felt is a great fabric for appliqué work because you can cut it however

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Patterns Re-Worked

Along the way as I travel to teach and vend at various textile events, I have noticed a pattern among those I meet. Nearly every person works in more than one kind of medium. Very rarely do I meet someone who only does wool appliqué in their spare time—it’s nearly always coupled with a penchant for quilting, rug hooking, embroidery, punch needle, and other kinds of creative activities. I always love to ask people how they found my designs and how they got into wool applique. Though it’s not…

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