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two hand puppets with red hats on them
Da tøsebarnet kom til verden blev denne juletradition indført. En tilfældig dag op til jul, tegner vi tøsebarnets hænder på karton - disse b...
a paper snowman with a name tag on it
Snögubbe som nedräkning till julafton.
small wooden christmas trees with musical notes on them
Clever use of old sheet music used to create a "forest" of decorative Christmas…
two glass vases sitting side by side on a white tablecloth covered surface, one with gold stars and the other blue
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a paper wreath hanging on the wall
Tankesport.se | Korsord & Sudoku i Alla Svårighetsgrader
christmas craft children
the door is decorated with christmas decorations and handprinted cards for santa's helpers
30+ DIY Christmas Crafts for Kids to Make
four pictures showing how to make a snowman out of popsicles and construction paper
Popsicle Stick Snowman | 20+ DIY Christmas Crafts for Kids to Make
the snow globe wreath is made with plastic and has a red car on it, surrounded by christmas decorations
Snow Globe Wreath Tutorial (How To) - CreateCraftLove
Learn how to make your own Snow Globe Wreath!
popsicle stick santa craft with text overlay that says popsicle stick santa craft
Popsicle Stick Santa Christmas Craft for Kids
This popsicle stick Santa ornament is perfect for holiday class parties. Easy Christmas craft for kids to make and there's even a free printable for the face part! #christmas #ornament #christmascrafts
a snowman ornament hanging from a red ribbon on a white sheet with two dice
Ping pong ball, baby sock, jingle bells, ribbon, greenery, glitter and paint. Cute idea.
paper plate christmas elf craft for kids with text overlay that says paper plate christmas elf
Paper Plate Christmas Elf Craft
Arty Crafty Kids | Christmas Craft | Paper Plate Christmas Elf Craft | Super cute and easy paper plate Elf Craft for kids! #christmas #christmascraft #kidschristmascraft
a christmas tree made out of construction paper on a piece of cardboard with gold and green decorations
Kids Christmas Tree Craft
It was so fun to sit down with all of my kids this past weekend and make this simple Christmas Tree Craft. My boys tend to sway away from crafting these days so when they agree to making something with me I get pretty giddy about it. Supplies you will need: blue, green, white and …