Breastfeeding pics from Amningshjälpen

Amningshjälpen is a breastfeeding peer counsler organisation in Sweden who aim at helping breastfeeders by giving advice and facilitate breastfeeding.
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two bottles filled with yellow liquid sitting on top of a table
Sometimes tips how other did it can give you ideas. Bella Bama: Exclusively Pumping and Breast Feeding Tips
a woman holding a doll in her hands
(Photographer: Anna-Karin Björkman) Position to recommend when baby have a blocked nose or for babies that easily throw up after breastfeeding.
a close up of a person holding a baby in their arms and looking at the camera
For the three months old baby the surrounding might be more interesting than breastfeeding. Too much going on can make the baby breastfeed less than needed so you might want to try a calmer place at times.
three baby bottles sitting on top of a table
A newborn 's tummy is 5 ml when born (left) then increases to about 25 ml on day 3 (middle) and 57 ml on day 5 (right)
a comic strip with a woman and a teddy bear on it's back, the caption says before nursing
Top 10 Funny Breastfeeding Memes! Enjoy Mamas!
By far the easiest way of giving your newborn comfort is to breastfeed. Nursing doesn´t just give nutrition it is also calming, giving pain relief and contains melatonin, a sleeping hormone, during evenings and nights.
a woman holding a baby in her arms with the caption for breastfeeding moms that moment you've been walking around the house with one bob hanging out
This could also happen outside your home. Mind you. :) <3
a small plastic object sitting on top of a blue surface
When having sore nipples Swedish lactation program recommends keeping the nipple dry and to provide air. Continuing breastfeeding is usually recommended too.