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a ceramic teapot with a cat's face painted on the front and sides
three red ceramic cups and a tea pot
a tea kettle with two red hearts on it sitting on top of a stovetop
Tea anyone
two little figurines sitting on top of a pink tray
vintage Japan lil toast salt and pepper shakers set
a ceramic teapot with a handle made to look like it has an abstract design
Blackline Teapot by Vaughan Nelson (Ceramic Teapot) | Artful Home
Blackline Teapot by Vaughan Nelson: Ceramic Teapot available at www.artfulhome.com
a colorful teapot shaped like an upside down triangle with polka dots on the sides
Vaughan Nelson (One Blue Marble) Ceramics Artist | Artful Home
a group of ceramic fish and pumpkins on a yellow background
a ceramic teapot with a painting on it's lid and the handle is painted green
Fitz & Floyd, Garden Fresh
a painting of coffee mugs with different designs on them