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Over 30 years I have had many ateliers, studio's in all kinds of buildings in different circumstances and sizes. A large gym in a school, later a small attic in…
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a painting of a chair with flowers on it
joie de vivre
Kimberly Applegate
the silhouettes of birds and trees are shown in this black and white painting on paper
S O P H I E . L É C U Y E R
four different paper dolls are shown in three separate pictures, each with an individual's body
Meet the Artist Lynn Whipple: A Q&A
Lynn Whipple Q & A | #CarlaSonheim
an older man is standing in front of some kites that are hanging from the ceiling
You gotta love Calder
an image of a room with lots of clutter on the floor and in the ceiling
Haal je inspiratie uit de mooiste creatieve ateliers
a woman standing next to two large speakers
Barbara Hepworth - Wikipedia
The briljant Barbera Hepworth!
a black and white photo of a man standing in a room with sculptures on the floor
Hans Arp
Hans Arp in his studio in Meudon Meudon 1957 Foundation Ernst Scheidegger Archive | Hans Arp
a man is making a vase out of clay
Hannie Mein, 1933 - 2003, Neherlands
a woman is sitting on the floor with some pictures
Bücher & mehr - teNeues Verlag
Isn't life a series of images that change as they repeat themselves? - Andy Warhol The Photography of Eve Arnold
an old man with a bird on his head
Pablo Picasso met duif op zijn hoofd - fotograaf onbekend, gesigneerd door de schilder
two people sitting next to each other in front of a wall with graffiti on it
The Love Story Of Madonna And Basquiat - Cultura Colectiva
Madonna and Basquiat. He loved women. He loved sex. He always had a lot of women. Madonna, before becoming the queen of Pop was his postmodern muse.
a room filled with lots of black and white photos
Anna Oppermann "Künstler sein"
a room with lots of pictures on the wall and a white board in the middle
12/29/17 ~ Added some more old paintings, new paintings and potential paintings to my studio wall. All the best in 2018 folks... #briancolemanart