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a blue and white hand with a heart on it
Heart In Hand | Sheaff
Heart in hand paper crafted.
a blue knitted hat with a face on the front and black trim around it
A look at three creatives taking part in COLLECT by The Crafts Council
a piece of fabric that has been stitched together with red thread on the side
Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting & Domain Names from Heart Internet
Fascinating structure! Maryrose Watson | winner of Peter Collingwood trust fund award | 2011
an old photo of a woman with blue clothing and hair in the middle of her face
Joseph Cornell.
an old table is sitting on the side walk with no one around it or someone else
Custom burned coffee table
a blue and white rug with lines on it
midcenturia: Ingrid Dessau “Blue Winter Tree” tapestry for Hemslöjden
a piece of cloth with blue ink drawn on it and various different types of stitches
Het Nieuwe Borduren: the return of the stitches
an old book with the title after long years or norman's wow
22 Absolutely Stunning Victorian Book Covers
≈ Beautiful Antique Books ≈ After Long Years or Norman's Vow...Ella Stone 1893
the reflection of a building in a window with blue and green glass tiles on it
After Life
Viewpoints 9 : After Life, by Martha Wolfe. This double pojagi is really beautiful.
an abstract painting with black and blue colors
Mejuki Made - olgainoue: asa comes from the hemp or ramie...
olgainoue: “ asa comes from the hemp or ramie family, known as bast and related to linen. the thread is made from the inner bark of a plant. ”
an old blue jean jacket with patchwork and patches on it, sitting on a white surface
Sweetpea Path
...another place to wander around Welcome to my virtual notebook, a place for keeping some things I...
an old book with different types of planets and their names in white on blue paper
star stuff
Maria Clara Eimmart (1676-1707)
a pair of blue knitted gloves on a white background
Anthropomorphe: Subversive Sweaters Freddie Robbins
a doll is wearing a blue dress with white polka dots on it's body
Flat Top All Bisque Miniature Dollhouse Doll: 455: Removed
Flat Top All Bisque Miniature Dollhouse Doll