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the ceiling is white and has gold lines on it, along with two poles that are connected to each other
Line | Modern Customizable Wall Panels in Wood and Brass
a wooden door with a metal knob on it
While the inlay usually involves a change in material, simply changing the direction in wood grain is sufficient to create formal detail
some wood is stacked on top of each other
The Wondrous Work of Marie-José Gustave
Marie-José Gustave | HomeDSGN
an office lobby with chairs and artwork on the wall
Facebook’s New Johannesburg Office Space | Visi
There's nothing like string art on walls that let the attention going. #CreativeWallFinishes
kitchen utensils hanging on the wall with hooks
Linda Åhman Interior Designer
Galleri - Linda Åhman Interior Designer
two jars with spoons and forks are sitting on the table next to each other
Kara Rosenlund
Interiors – Kara Rosenlund
an assortment of crafting items displayed on a metal tray with scissors and twine
Food — Ivana Jurcic — Food Photographer — Belgrade, Serbia