The Act of Killing & The Look of Silence

Discover two of the most outstanding documentaries of our time, THE ACT OF KILLING and THE LOOK OF SILENCE- two films by Joshua Oppenheimer with the immense…
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Werner Herzog and Joshua Oppenheimer on The Act of Killing
Werner Herzog and Joshua Oppenheimer on The Act of Killing, Genocide & Remorse
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On Oct. 1, 1965, following an attempted military coup, the government of Indonesia launched a campaign of mass killing. Over the following months, between 500,000 and 1 million people were killed by local militias and Indonesian soldiers. Those targeted included leftists, ethnic Chinese, trade unionists, teachers, intellectuals, civil society activists, artists, and those involved in women’s organizations. The targeted individuals were subject to torture, rape, imprisonment, forced labor, fo...
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Joshua Oppenheimer’s Documentary Manifesto
Joshua Oppenheimer's Documentary Manifesto
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Featured Event: 'QUEST' film screening with Company One and ZUMIX
POV to Broadcast The Look of Silence
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Spot on Director: Rokhsareh Ghaem Maghami
Interview with director Joshua Oppenheimer of the Act of Killing and The Look of Silence