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【東京奧運開幕典禮】超級變變變!超創意呈現1964年的50個靜態項目圖標 - YouTube Tokyo, Film Posters, Summer Olympics, Taekwondo, Tokyo 2020, Video Film, Film, Movie Posters
【東京奧運開幕典禮】超級變變變!超創意呈現1964年的50個靜態項目圖標 - YouTube
someone is typing on their laptop in the dark
台灣設計研究院|新竹火車站改造 安裝更新篇
two people standing in front of a projection screen with the words save the abandoned species
Interactive Game-Installation : Move or Die
The game is produced by students of Media Lab Helsinki, Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. The piece is exhibited in The Finnish Museum…
an overhead view of many plates of food
(18) 毎日使える!片付けなくていいIHデイリーホットプレートKZ-CX1【パナソニック公式】 - YouTube
an older woman is making food on a cutting board with the words gourmet recipe written in cursive writing
Grandma's Recipes|まさみおばあちゃんのおせち
(32) Grandma's Recipes|まさみおばあちゃんのおせち - YouTube
an electric vehicle is driving down the street
Toyota announces e-Palette vehicle as its future of mobility at CES 2018
Toyota reveals vision for driverless vehicles that switch function on demand
a man standing on top of a mountain
Andreas Steindl running from Zermatt to Saas-Fee | 5 Peaks in 1 Day | adidas Outdoor - YouTube
a person holding up a book with writing on it and the words thinking is you
Book / Bring Ideas to Life
Bring your ideas to life with a beautiful, custom-printed Book, created right from within Paper. FiftyThree and Moleskine, makers of the legendary notebook, bring you the simplest and most beautiful way to share your ideas with others. Learn more: http://www.fiftythree.com/book Download Paper: itunes.apple.com/us/app/paper-by-fiftythree/id506003812?mt=8 Director: Andrew S Allen Cinematographer: Jason Sondhi Post-Production: Kristofer Martin Sound: Ben Bromley (http://benbromley.com) …
不管是洗完澡還是游泳完,我們總會利用棉花棒深深地在耳朵內清出耳屎,過程中不僅能感受到一股舒服,當看見耳屎被掏出來時,總有莫名的成就感。Ear wax 按造字面翻譯為「耳蠟」,但現今的我們卻經常稱之「耳屎」、「耳垢」,這樣賦予汙名化的稱號下... Cleaning Your Ears, Cotton Swabs, Ear Wax, Q Tip, Magazine
科學證實:你必須停止使用「棉花棒」掏耳朵! - A Day Magazine
不管是洗完澡還是游泳完,我們總會利用棉花棒深深地在耳朵內清出耳屎,過程中不僅能感受到一股舒服,當看見耳屎被掏出來時,總有莫名的成就感。Ear wax 按造字面翻譯為「耳蠟」,但現今的我們卻經常稱之「耳屎」、「耳垢」,這樣賦予汙名化的稱號下...
several vases are lined up in rows and one is turned upside down to the side
JIA Inc - Family Bowls http://www.jia-inc.com Hong Kong / China 2010