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an instagram page with a red house and picnic table in the foreground, surrounded by greenery
Allmoge och vackra blommor hemma hos Gunnar Kaj i Roslagen
an outdoor garden with lots of plants and flowers
Callian, Antikt & Brocante
English Cottage Garden Shed
a white post with purple flowers in it and the words diy address post written below
How to Make an Easy DIY Address Post - Hello Farmhouse
DIY Address Post - Hello Farmhouse
an old fashioned stove in the middle of a room with green walls and wood floors
Ännu ett fint torp, Laxå
Ännu ett fint torp, Laxå - Gård och Torp
a living room filled with lots of furniture and plants on top of it's tables
an arch in the corner of a room with potted plants and a refrigerator next to it
See this Instagram photo by @prickleandvine • 774 likes
an open book sitting on top of a table next to a candle and some flowers
Ver esta foto do Instagram de @pollyandbooks • 4,351 curtidas
two red houses sitting on top of a lush green field next to a lake and forest
(bildkälla) Det är ut till naturen jag vill…till gräs under fötterna, skog runt knuten, åkrar, ångar och sjöar.. Att det ska vara så svårt! Vi letar och letar och letar…sen letar vi lite till, och jag börjar bli svettig av bara tanken på hus. Det är så mycket som ska stämma. Området och huset fasad är det viktigaste för mig, att riva ut hela interiören och väggar är inte en skrämmande tanke utan något jag längtar efter. Jag längtar efter att få riva upp platmattor, få byggdamm i håret, leta f...
a body of water surrounded by mountains and trees
Travel Story
Aristocrator [travel | landscape | nature | seascape | cityscape | mountains | wild | architecture]
a woman is sitting on a dock with her feet in the water
Women's Clothes
Dip your toes in.
a stream running through a forest filled with lots of rocks and grass next to tall trees
Lake Mary
CIRCLE OF LIFE Part 4 -- Wind whipped at her face as she skidded to a halt in the center of camp. "There you are, Holly's Thorn. Creek Ripple has been ready for ages. Where have you been?!" The group leader, Long Leap, stalked over, his tail twitching with irritation. Holly's Thorn's ear tips burned with shame, especially when she noticed that Tumbling Rock was watching. She glanced away swiftly. "At the lake," she murmured, avoiding Long Leap's gaze. Long Leap huffed.
a living room filled with lots of furniture and plants
flowers and plants in pots on the ground next to some trees with snowdrops
Naturliga Ting Trädgårdsblogg
Hellebores and snowdrops: Nice combo! Wish I could ever get snowdrops to bloom!!
pink and white tulips in a watering can
25 Ideas to Get your Home Ready for Spring
Beautiful pink and white tulips by Alabaster Rose Design see more like this from
a bunch of colorful tulips sitting on top of each other
Likes | Tumblr
an outdoor fire pit surrounded by evergreens and christmas trees is shown on instagram
Fire Pits | Chimineas, Log Holders + Outdoor Fire Pits
via Terrain
a table topped with cakes and cupcakes next to a fire
It's a beautiful world!
When winter arrives . . . Love is a warm fire, a good book, a hot cup of tea…
a living room filled with furniture and a fire place next to a christmas tree on top of a mantle
think this is some sort of fireplace or wood cute, love it
the house is surrounded by trees and snow
Fire has always brought people together since the beginning of time. This snowy scene lit by a roaring fire keeps calling us closer. #MCZGroup
a dog laying on a bed in front of a fire place with pillows and blankets
Visioning Fall
ok with fall
a person holding a cup of coffee and an open book on top of a blanket
Koselig ! 30 inspirations pour bien vivre l'hiver à la scandinave
Nothing like a good book, a hot cup of tea and a cozy lap blanket on a cold winter's day. | Pavel Gramatikov
a living room filled with lots of furniture and candles on top of a coffee table
Galleri Hönshuset
I want to be here with a good book, a plate of warm cookies, and a hot beverage---and nothing I have to do
the sun shines brightly through snow covered trees
Rise and Shine (24 Photos) - Suburban Men
Early mornings have a bad reputation.Everyone wants to sleep in. Nobody wants to wake up early. But then that’s modern living, I guess.Early mornings have been tainted by their associated with work and weekdays, when life is a tired rush. And of course, late nights and intoxication don’t agree with
a foggy field with trees and a small cabin in the distance on a hill
Photo Journal: Interiors
Our favourite photos from rustic homes full of character in Wales and the Lake District, cabins in the Romanian mountains and romantic French villages.
a cup of coffee sitting on top of a wooden table next to a forest filled with trees
Halloween Mountain House Weekend - Simply Taralynn | Food & Lifestyle Blog
Halloween Mountain House Weekend – Simply Taralynn
an outdoor dining area decorated for halloween with pumpkins on the table and two chairs
Impress the Neighbors with These DIY Outdoor Halloween Decorations
Frankenstein Front Door
an image of the words, psithurism n i and the sound of rusting leaves
13 Unusual Words About Nature That'll Make You Want to Run Outside
No one ever has much trouble describing their kid’s latest tantrum, the terrible movie they watched last night or why we should